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Vineyard 29: Cru Rose


It’s no secret that I love wine!  I love to drink it, cook with it and as a personal chef, I love doing wine pairing dinners.   For drinking, my "go-to" wine is a Napa Cabernet, but that doesn't mean I will only drink Cabs - I like to give every varietal their fair taste, ha. 

Napa Valley is very near and dear to me (and my husband).  We try to get up to the valley at least once a year (personally, I’d love to go a lot more.)  It’s where we took our first vacation as a couple and where we got married.  There are a lot of places and wineries that I love in the valley, but for today, I want to tell you about Vineyard 29.

I had the pleasure of visiting Vineyard 29 back in 2015 when my husband and I were in Napa for our 10 year anniversary.  We were greeted by Austin Gallion, who at the time was the Director of Hospitality.  The tasting room was beautiful.  The walls were lined with their wines and in the middle, there was a table set with tasting glasses and a personalized tasting menu.  As an extra bonus, Austin used to be a chef so each wine was paired with a complimentary amuse bouche.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed their array of wines including my favorite, their Aida Estate Zinfandel and all of their Cabernet Sauvignon’s (Estate, Aida and Cru).  So when I got an email this spring about a Rose they’ve added to their Cru line up I was excited to try it! 

I’m not sure where you live, but for us in Southern California, summer seemed to come later this year.  June gloom held on for most of the days.  I know we’re spoiled with beautiful weather here for most of the year, but it just started to feel like summer. So what better way to enjoy a nice summer day by the pool than to pop open a bottle of rose!   Not that I’m surprised, but the Cru Rose did not disappoint!  It was light, refreshing and perfectly balanced.

"Light salmon-colored. Bright red raspberry, strawberry, kiwi and tangerine rind fill out the aromatic profile of this fresh, zesty, delicious rose. The texture is soft and the fruit is lifted on the palate with a well-integrated, slight creaminess as a result of weekly barrel stirring. Balanced acidity and bursting fruit flavors throughout, refreshing and precise on the finish."
–Keith Emerson, Winemaker

To make it even more enjoyable, for my birthday one of my friends gave me this adorable insulated stemless wine cup by Swig that  you can buy on their website or on Amazon

This wine and cup have become one of my summer essentials!  I hope you enjoy it!

Remember, sharing is caring, till next time!

Personal Chef, Mom, Lover of New and Old Experiences - Stephanie Miller

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